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Instant Purchase

Lock in your dream home with a click. Accept an offer and funds are on their way.

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Multiple Offers

Post offers on multiple homes. First acceptance will cancels other offers.

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Seamless Negotiation

Specify key purchase terms and we fill in the rest. Seller can counter or accept.

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Secondary Market

Access an untapped market of buyers, including investors and flippers.

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Trade Up

Buy to own or accept a higher offer. Make a profit to trade up to a bigger home.

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Streamlined Escrow

Utilize existing escrow processes. We never hold funds.

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Built on top of major platforms

We've done the legwork, so you don't have to.

Structured with you in mind.

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Get more offers. Accept a purchase contract and deposit is sent to escrow.

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Offer one-click purchase of your listings. Get credit on deposit, close and resale*.

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Purchase to hold or receive offers before closing to resell the home.

*Resale represents the purchase of the ceritified assignable contract on the secondary market.

Increased Access

Through automation and transparency, Blankdeed cuts bulky fees out of real estate transactions. This means less time wasted and more money in your pocket.

Why flip houses when you can trade up?

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Instant Purchase

Ownership of the right to buy the home is cryptographically secure and can be transferred directly between reseller and buyer. No more waiting to get paid.

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Secondary Market

Resell your purchased home, before closing, without paying the standard commission, real estate transfer fees, or other closing costs.

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cost to resell a median home1

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77% of adults (35-44)

believe that house flipping is a good way to make money, however...2

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70% of Americans

think investing in real estate is more difficult than other asset classes3

1. Based on Nov 2018 median existing home price (NAR);    2. 2017 Real Estate Investment Survey, Harris/RealtyShares;    3. 2017 Real Estate Investment Survey, Harris/RealtyShares

How it works

Make an offer, get it accepted, then trade up on the secondary market or close on the home. Secure, legal, and swift home buying for the 21st century.


Post Offers & Acceptance

  • Buyers can submit an offer for any listed home

  • Seller or listing agent receives an email with offer details and a link to an acceptance and counteroffer page

  • Multiple counters are possible until buyer and seller agree

  • Once terms are agreed on, a purchase and sale contract is generated for digital signatures


Deposit & Secondary Listing

  • When contract is signed, escrow is opened and earnest money deposit is transmitted from buyer to escrow

  • Deposit can be made through ACH, wire or DAI

  • Funds are stored and sent through compliant, institutional grade custodian partners

  • Once proof of deposit is received, the home is listed on the secondary market and can receive trade up offers


Resale & Closing

  • Buyer can accept a trade up offer and instantly resell their right to purchase the home

  • Part of any profit generated shared with the original homeowner and listing agent

  • Buyers can continue trading up until a few days before closing

  • Final buyer provides the remaining funds to escrow and has their name put on the deed

  • Standard closing processes (escrow, title search, insurance) are followed as they would be in a traditional sale

Escrow Service

We work with technologically forward escrow services to make the transaction efficient and secure. 

Purchase Contract

We assist with standardized, streamlined contracts, but buyer and seller have ultimate control over the terms.


All secondary market transactions are stored on a permanent public record, the Ethereum blockchain. Buyers can independently verify that any reseller has the right to purchase the home.


When creating an asset, we prepare a cryptographic imprint based on the asset data. Such imprint represents a cryptographic proof of the asset data. This acts proof is saved on a public record, in our case the blockchain.

Non Fungible Tokens

A non-fungible token is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique; non-fungible tokens are thus not interchangeable. Blankdeed uses non-fungible tokens to represent assignable purchase contracts.

Decentalized Token Exchange

A decentralized token exchange enables the secure, peer-to-peer transfer of non-fungible tokens. Blankdeed acts a facilitator between the reseller and the buyer, allowing them to transact directly with each other. 

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